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Lavender with honey bee



Our bee friends need our help due to their dwindling numbers caused by the overuse of pesticides.

You can help by planting flowering plant and getting people outdoors. You might need help when buying new plants and planting them in your garden, so ask family and friends to help.

Diversity and Space

Landscapes with a wide variety of Bloom’s more effectively sustain pollinators throughout the season than do landscape dominated by only by a small handful of flowering plants.

At a landscape scale, the presence or absence of different types of blooming plants can result in a feast or famine situation for pollinators, Thus expansive of weedy plants may provide an abundance of food for bees. Plus other pollinators during their blooming period. Once the bloom is over, however pollinators may suffer a temporary loss of food.

If you are to help by augmenting local plant population. I will try to guide you in this process. I have tried to provide a general overview of the preferred growing conditions and geographic range for each of the plants including with options for most of the United States and Canada. Of course, when selecting the plants featured, it is also imperative to purchase only nursery plants that you know that were not treated without long-lasting insecticides.

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Lavender with honey bee
Lavender with honey bee