Make Lavender Oil With Joy And Ease Simple Steps To Success

Daily Lavender OIl Solutions
Daily lavender oil solutions
Lavender with honey bee

Make Lavender Oil With Joy And Ease Simple Steps To Success

Most folks enjoy making lavender oil, this do it your self attitude is the foundation that builds confidence, self-esteem and inner strength. My article presents an easy way to make this sweet oil. I walk you through four simple steps that lead to a successful finished product. An achievement that you can take pride, knowing this sweet fragrance was make by your loving hands.

Ingredients And Supplies, A Path Made Easy

This journey with will be made easy when these supplies and ingredients are in hand from the start.

Supplies needed for your success.

  •  One large mason or glass jar with lid that is clean and dry.
  • two large blue or amber colored jars with a lid, or a glass jar with lid that is clean and dry. The colored jars are excellent because they help the properties expand when you store the finished product.
  • One crock pot, scissors, string or rubber bands or a clean cloth.
  • One muslin or cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer.

Ingredients needed to make a sweet oil.

  • Dry lavender flowers are best to use and can will be brought in a store.
  • The second option is fresh lavender flowers that grow in a garden. It is important to gather as may fresh flowers as you can.
  • Oils that will be used to infuse with the lavender flowers. Grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and olive oil.

Step 1 Cutting The Lavender Flower, A Choice Dried Or Fresh

A road to success,

Choice Dried Flowers.

  •  Using scissors cut stems and flowers 6 inches long including the leaves.
  • Place cut lavender into a clean and dry mason or glass jar and press the flowers down.
  •  Proceed to step 2

Choice Fresh Flowers.

  •  Using scissors cut stem and flower 6 inches long including the leaves.
  • Drying the Fresh Lavender Flowers Using a string or rubber bands tie stems and flowers into a bundle.
  • Next the hang bundles upside down in a warm, dry area.
  • Dry bundled flowers for 3 to 6 weeks.
  • You can also wrap bundled flowers and in a cloth and place them in a warm dry area for 3 to six weeks.
  • When bundles of lavender flowers are completely dry crush leaves and break stems and flowers into a clean, dry mason or glass jar.
  • Proceed to step 2.

Step 2 Pouring The Oil, A Choice Cold Infused Or Crock Pot

Making a sweet fragrance.

Choice Cold Infused.

  • Pour oil (oil olive) into mason jar so that the oil completely covers the lavender flowers and stems.
  • Leave 1 inch space of oil from the lid to allow the oil to expand.
  • Tightly seal the lid on the jar.
  • Soak the jar of lavender in sunlight for three to six weeks.
  • Gently shake the jar each day so that the oil and lavender mix well.
  • Proceed to step 3.

Choice Crock Pot Method.

  • Put the dry, cut lavender flowers into a crock pot.
  • Next the fill the crock pot with 1/2 cup lavender flowers, stems and leaves to 1 cup oil.
  • Next the set crock pot on low for three hours.
  • Proceed to step 3.

Step 3 Strain Oil, A Choice Fine Mesh Strainer Or Muslin Cloth

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Choice Fine Mesh Strainer.

  • Strain oil into a clean, dry blue or amber bottle or a clear glass jar.
  • Tightly seal the lid.
  • Store finished oil in a dark, cool area to help preserve healthy properties of your home made oil.
  • Your oil can be stored for one year.

Choice Muslin or Cheese Cloth.

  • Cover top of jar with muslin or cheese cloth.
  •  Strain the oil into a clean, dry amber or blue colored bottle or clear glass jar.
  • Squeeze out all the oil from the muslin or cheese cloth into the jar.
  • Than add plant material into jar.
  • Repeat this process 2 to 3 times.
  • Tightly seal the lid.
  • Store the finished oil in a dark, cool area to help preserve the healthful properties in your home made oil.
  • Your oil can be stored for one year.

Congratulations your oil is finished.  A job well done !!!

They Say, How Sweet It IsTo Stand On The Edge Of Tomorrow

My goal is to promote lavender oil and improve the quality of life for people around the world through its daily use. My mission is to present an easy step by step process to follow so that you achieve success, making a great home made oil.

You have the tools to use your key to experience and enjoy the rich blessings that lavender oil can give to you.


All the Best,


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Lavender A Sturdy Plant Made Of Sweet Oil

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Lavender A Sturdy Plant Made Of Sweet Oil

Most of us strive to experience a sense of calm through the day. Lavender oil gives us a natural way to experience this calm through its sweet scent. My article explains the journey of this amazing plant. I focus on the varieties and components that make up this beautiful plant.Lavender A Sturdy Plant

I walk you through the differences between lavender scented products and lavender oil products so you can make an informed decision that will best meet your health and wellness needs.  A good company that offers lavender oil is

Lavender A Short Story, History In Progress

This two thousand year old sturdy four foot plant is grown in the warm area’s of France and Spain. The bluish gray flowers grows upward from woody branches. The word lavender is broken down this way lava re means to wash and livendulo means livid or bluish.

Lavender plants naturally produce their essential oil in the plant structure. This is found in the minuscule little sacs with in the plant. A lavender scent fills the whole plant from its flowers blooms, leaves, stems, to its roots.

Distilling Lavender OilLavender A Sturdy Plant

Lavender oil is extracted using a steam distillation process. This is done by placing large quantities of the plants materials in a massive container of water. This mixture is brought to a boil and steam is produced.

The volatile or plant oil gases are carried through a cooler where it condenses. This liquid is made up of plant oils and water is collected.

The essential oils are floating on top of the water creating a film that is then separated. The water and oil that remains is the finished product.

This is the safest of all the distilled oil processes and is the most popular method used for extracting lavender oil. The distilled oil must be aged for several months before being sold.

The Make Up Of Lavender Oil 

  • Key tones have mocolyic properties that benefit in skin regeneration and healing. This can reduce old scar tissue such as stretch marks, adhesions and wounds. High key tones can be toxic and care should be used when pregnant.
  • Monterpene alcohols components have many properties such as antiviral, anti fungal, anti septic that can boost one’s mood, is energizing and has few side effects.
  •  Esters have anti spasmodic properties and acts as a sedative to calm nerves. It is formed from acids and alcohol. Esters are very fragrant and can be used with great ease.
  •  Aldehydes have anti fungal, anti inflammatory properties. It acts as a disinfectant and a sedative.  It can be a tool to boost one’s mood and ease joint pain. High aldehydes can cause skin irritation.

A Plant Of Beauty, Four Unique Blessingsdaily lavender oil solutions

Essential oils have a long list of beneficial properties. These are the only pure natural oils that contains the beneficial volatile compounds meaning that it turns to gas quickly and the oil comes directly from the plant.  Plant therapy .com offers an excellent lavender oil product.

Four Kinds Of Essential Oil

  •  English essential oil – is an angustifoluias that makes up almost all lavender essential oil. It has many useful benefits found in its forty different types.
  •  French essential oil – originated in Spain and is simply an English variety grown on France soil. The flowers scent is mixed with a little camphor odor. It has a pineapple shape flower head and has narrow coarser leaves.
  •  Oil of spike – is grown is the lower altitudes of Spain and France. It contains a higher oil content because of the coarser leaves and foliage. Used for perfumes and in laundry products and soaps and cleaners. It is not as sweet smelling as true lavender, because  its chemical make up has more oxide molecules, it is more stimulating than other types of lavenders.
  • Lavandin essential oil – is produced from hybrids know as lavandins, this produces a cross between English and oil of spike. Because of its cross-breeding it can grow in many regions.

Lavender’s Little Secret, A Final Decision

It is best to use caution when purchasing essential oils because the effects are significant between productsDaily Lavender Oil Solutions.

Synthetic Or Pure

The lavender scented oil product is based on a synthetic scent oil meaning that its fragrance is made by a chemist in a lab and does not have the molecular structure as a true lavender plant. It does not offer the same benefits as a true lavender oil product.

A lavender oil product is pure, it scents comes directly from the plant. It is the safest of all the essential oils that are steam distilled and the most popular oil. The oils are volatile, the scent is taken directly from the plant.

A Sturdy Plant, That Can’t Be Beat

Persistence market research study found that consumer demand for personal care and therapeutic use of lavender oil is expected to propel globally from 2018 to 2024.

A Continual Path Of SuccessDaily Lavender Oil Solutions

Making market strides especially in Europe this growing industry is a refection that signifies the beauty of this all in one oil and its amazing benefits in meeting the health and wellness needs of people around the world.

The Choice Is Yours, Be The Best You Can Be

They say giant gifts come in small packages. This sturdy plant is small but has made its mark in the world. My goal is to present some facts and information about lavender oil and its plant.

My objective is to promote lavender oil so that you can succeed in making the best decision that meets your health and wellness needs.  My hope is that you reap the blessings of lavender oil. can meet all your lavender oil needs.

Live Your Dream  !!!


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Vida Essentials - Organic Oils

Lavender Oil Companies To Trust And Studies To Review

Lavender A Sturdy Plant
Lavender A Sturdy Plant
Companies To Trust & Studies To Review

Lavender Oil Companies To Trust And Studies To Review

Most essential oils are distilled and some companies add different scents and additives into the final product. These oils do not have the same effect and benefit as a pure, true 100% oil. My focus is to provide a list of reliable companies that are trustworthy. My article reviews eight companies and I walk you through their advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision that best meets your health and wellness needs. I offer a variety of medical studies that supports the benefits of lavender oil and how it can improve the quality of your life.  A company I trust, a company that cares is 

Trust, A Golden Rule To Follow

Meaning of trust is responsibility resulting from confidence placed in one.

Four characteristic of a strong company

  • Importance of integrity honesty this builds trust and leads to a good reputation the foundation of a successful relationship with the lavender oil customer.
  • A personal pledge to take care of you, like a sister or brother, like a family member.
  • Commitment to customer service to listen and meet your needs, to take pride and stand by their product and to find solutions that address your concerns in a timely and respectful manner.
  • Reflect an attitude of goodwill in service and product, a promise to maintain high standards so that the essential oil is made with care and the company takes pride knowing their oil is 100% pure. To take time to give back and improve the community through fundraising events and mentor ship programs.

8 – Essential Oil Companies, That Stand Out

The food and drug administration does not regulate essential oils. This is why its best to use caution so that your purchase is based on a company you can trust.

Young living essential oils

  • Advantages excellent customers service that address concerns with live chats and email or a toll free number and have a wide variety of oil to make a selection. Company is the largest in U. S and is strong in the market.
  • Disadvantages sometimes out of stock and their oils are the most expensive in the industry.

DoTerra essential oils

  • Advantages company ensures quality by using a certified pure therapeutic testing methods. Oils are 100% pure and a total refund or a 100% credit is given. There price is expensive but under that of young living oils.
  • Disadvantages they require a 35.00 registration fee and they do not own their farms.

Eden gardens essential oils found on

  • Advantages company is well like by customers because they rotate their stock twice a month and they back their product up with a promise that its100% pure. They have a 30-day return policy and they own their own farms.
  • Disadvantages There oil are expensive to purchase.

Radha beauty essential oils

  • Advantages They offer beautiful gift box that contain a variety of oils.
  • Disadvantages their bottle label lack sufficient information.

Majestic pure essential oils

  • Advantages U.S. company and oil is 100% pure. Lavender oil is its main product and its price is not as expensive as other oils.
  • Disadvantages oil scent is like smelling a bar of soap.

Healing solutions essential oils

  • Advantages moderate in price and a 7 day day return policy.  They offer a wide selection of oils.
  • Disadvantages they have not established that their oils are 100% pure.

Rocky mountain essential oils

  • Advantages a small company that offers a variety of 100% pure oils. There small farms are found around the world.

Plant Therapy

  • Advantages they offer a kid safe product line of oils and have aroma therapist on staff to answer questions. There oil is 100% pure and the return policy is 100% along with free shipping.
  • Disadvantages they do not own their plant farms.

Medical Studies On Lavender Oil, Benefits And Uses

Mayo Clinic study on lavender oil indicates the following benefits. Relief from anxiety and depression, Improves the quality of life for people with chronic health conditions. Improves sleep in most people. A smaller study of lavender oil indicates that it may help ease pain for kidney stones in people, reduce pain for people with osteoarthritis in knee and improve the quality of life in dementia patients.

Medical news today article on lavender oil indicates that it can be used to treat anxiety, anti fungal infections, healing wound, minor burns and bug bites. It They recommends using it to improve and maintain your skin with daily routine.

The journal of micro biology published a study that found lavender oil could be effective treating anti fungal resistant infections.

International journal of psychiatry on clinical practice found silexan to have anxiety reducing effects on patients within two weeks. Silexan is a lavender oil preparation available in 80mg silexan capsules.

Another study found that lavender oil reduced the amount of pain killing medicines required after a tonsillectomy. caters to kids and is a excellent company.

The Ball Is In Your Court

Lavender oil is the ultimate tool that gives a sense of calm and peace in people. It is a natural remedy full of promise. My goal is to promote lavender oil through companies that are trustworthy so you can make an informed decision based on your health and wellness needs. These elite companies never wavier, never more they stand firm and maintain high standards. They take pride knowing their oil is a cut above the rest its 100% pure. The decision is yours to make. My hope is that you purchase your ticket and enjoy the blessings lavender oil gives on your path to success.  Please refer to they will meet your health and wellness needs.

All the best,


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About Cathy

daily lavender oil solutions

Hi Everyone, Welcome to lavender essential my website. Massage is my passion and lavender oil is a tool I used to enhance a sense of calm and peace in my clients.

A Brief Story About My Massage Life

I enjoy helping people relax. Over the years my health issues grew and I noticed a continual problem that affected my clients. Realizing that many folks have time concerns and struggle with the costs of weekly massages I took action and made a career change.
Daily lavender oil solution
Since I used lavender oil in my practice and saw the positive impact it had on my massage clients I focused on this direction. This gave birth to a new path where I could still meet the health and wellness needs of most folks.

My goal to promote lavender oil was born and is my way to make a difference in the lives of people.


Touch Is The Essence In Which Our Hearts Are Conveyed

My objective is I care about meeting the health and wellness needs of people. I believe the beauty of this versatile is truly amazing because it gives a sense of calm and peace in most folks.

Its sweet scent can fill your day with relaxation and wonder when added into cleaning products for the home or in your cloths. It is cost effective and time efficient and can be used anywhere.

Lavender oil is simply the best all in one oil. This my way to touch the lives of people and make a contribution that brings relaxation to the world.
Daily lavender oil solutions

They Say If You Have Your Health, You’ve Got It All

No one can put a price on living with a sense of calm and peace. My goal is to ease your mind, so you can succeed and experience the calm and peace that lavender oil gives to you.

My promise to you is to help anyone learn to relax and enjoy life through the daily use of lavender oil. I hope that lavender oil exceeds your expectations, so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Daily Benefits And Solutions Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Daily Benefits And Solutions Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Our days are busy and our lives continue to evolve. Sometimes we are pulled in directions beyond our control, neglecting our needs. We deserve the best, to experience calm and peace through the day and a good sleep at night. My article explains the amazing benefits and the importance of using lavender oil each day.Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

My focus is to present to lavender oil, offering facts that can improve the quality of life. You’ll discover daily solutions that meet the health and wellness needs of most folks.

I break this down into four major area’s and walk you through the benefits of lavender oil and how it can change your life for the better.  A good company that offers lavender oil is Or for daily solutions Lavender Fields

A Natural Benefit, Say Goodbye To Low Valleys And Hello To Sunny Days

The beauty of this all in one oil is that its sweet scent stays with you when adding one drop behind your ear each morning. This calming effect lasts through the day and can lift your spirits when needed.

It serves as an agent to ease headaches and reduce nervous tension. This versatile oil act as a tool to treat stress, confusion and restlessness.Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Its sweet scent stimulates mental activity and strengthens your emotional core. The lasting benefits of relaxation are yours to claim when this oil is used on a daily basis.


Daily Solutions, Take Charge And Optimize Your Health

Sleep heals the mind, body and spirit. This essential oil can benefits your sleep when you place a dozen drops on a towel, cloth laying it closes to your nose. This calming effect ensures that you experience a good night sleep.

Lavender oil is used to reduce nausea by adding one drop at the base of your navel.

Lavender Eases Your Pain

It acts as an agent to relieve joint and muscle pain. Simply add two drops of lavender oil into a cream and rub it on the affected area. It can be used use with Epson salt in a bath to ease your joint pain.

Breathing is made easier. Add six drops of lavender oil per one cup of water and place a towel over your head covering the pot of water. This can reduce a sinus infection, cold, cough, and laryngitis.

When used daily this oil protects and boosts the immune system and prevents infections.

A Natural Remedy Full Of Promise Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Lavender can treat chapped lips by adding six drops of lavender oil to one ounce of coconut oil. To alleviate nose bleeds add a few drops to a cloth and place cloth around an ice pack and hold under your nose with head titled back.

Lavender oil can be successful in treating dandruff by adding two drops to shampoo or baking soda, wash scalp and add two drops with vinegar and rinse. This daily process continues for seven months to experience success.

Use A Daily Drop Of Oil, Oh Those Wrinkles Fade

When lavender oil is used on a daily basis it serves as moisturizer, add two drops into the product. Make sure to do a patch test to prevent an allergic reaction.Daily Lavender OIl Solutions

An Agent Of Beauty And Healing

Because lavender oil contains anti inflammatory properties it can be used to fight aging wrinkles.

It is effective in treating acne because it contains antiseptic properties that fight bacterial infections.

It can be used to treat sunburn by spraying the affected area with one drop of lavender oil.

A Natural Way To Beat Those Nasty Bugs

Best solution for chasing those bugs away with a simple spray. Just soak a cotton ball with lavender oil and place it in the affected area and it rids ants and cockroaches.

Repeat the action to rid moths and silverfish from cloths in your closets just replace the cotton ball monthly.

It acts a pest repellent keeping mosquito’s away from your skin. Lavender oil can sooth mosquito bites and reduce itching and swelling.Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Benefits And Blessings, Found In Every Breath You Take

The sweet scent can fill your day with relaxation and wonder when added into a cleaning products.

A Tool That Disinfects

It can be used to spray on surfaces (avoid wooden surfaces) Your dishes will sparkle when added into a dish soap.

Your cloths can give you a sense of calm through the day when added into a detergent or iron spray.

It acts as an air freshener and can freshen your tennis and work shoes and winter boots.

Scenting An Easy And Safe Formula To Follow

  • Mixing with water add one or two drops of lavender oil per cup of water.
  • Carrier product mixture add six drops of lavender oil per ounce.
  • One drop for full strength (without any water or product mix) on a wound or small injury.


The Beginning Of A New Day Starts With You Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

They say if you’ve got your health you have it all. The choice to implement these strategies and is yours to claim. You have nothing to lose and every thing to gain.

So reap the benefits and enjoy the ride. Live with a sense of calm and peace. Claim Your Prize !!! offers an excellent lavender oil.



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Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions


Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Most folks have experienced a tragedy. When an event leaves a dark hole in our hearts this is trauma and is called PTSD. My focus is to present strategies that deal with PTSD. I walk you through various coping techniques that helped me deal with the affects of PTSD so that I live and trive today. My article explains a natural way to ease the affects of PTSD using lavender oil and rexalation techniques. My goal is promote lavender oil and pass these relaxation techniques onto you. My objective is provide a natural and healthy way for you to experience a sense of calm and take control of your life using these techniques, your keys to success.

A Short Letter To My Sister, A Walk Through The Storm

My dear sister, this is my gift to you and is given with all my love and kindness. My hope is that in some way this information helps you process your feelings and heal from the PTSD we have both experienced. Let me first explain what I learned from the memories, the PTSD events in our childhood and how they have affected our lives and relationships. The first event in our lives was my overdosed of asprin at the age of two. More than likely you witness me almost die. Your feelings around this event may be terror, sadness, being alone, helplessness or other feelings that are yours.

The point I am making is that from this ptsd event our lives changed in how we relate to each other. Our parents dealth with their feelings around this event by scapegoating me. Everyone in the family followed their example of scapegoating me. This is a learned behavior and is not your fault. The second event involves my two older sisters  brother and myself.  This ptsd event was the choking, me telling you I was going to kill you. We both experienced this at an early age when our brother would tell us he was going to kill us, the figthing,the hitting, the terror our brother inflicted on us.

This caused me to flashback at age twenty and take those unresolved feelings and acts out on you. I had not resolved these feelings but had repressed them and in times of stress I went back to that experience. Because our dad would take our brothers side when we complained this reinforced his abusive behavior. By not listening to our voice and feelings this caused us to shut our feeling down or repress or bury them. So now sometimes we deny our feelings and do not deal with them. We never learned to process our feelings in a healthy and effective way.

At the present time we may experience feelings of intensity such as shame, guilt, anger or other feelings in a manner that is overwelming and seems out of control.  This is how PTSD has affected our lives.

PTSD Developing Strateries, Understanding Triggers

Triggers may contain situations such as a smell, or words in a conversation or a tone of voice or anything that causes an intense emotion or feeling in us to act in a manner that is uncharacteristic of our normal behavior or does not reflect our values. These feelings can be intense rage, anger, shame or terror. Stressful situations usually envoke these feelings. When these over whelming feelings take over and we don’t understand we are in a flashback.

Four strategies to cope with triggers and flashbacks

  • Identify the feeling and own it. such as anger, rage, shame, guilt, terror.
  • Use relaxation techniques with lavender oil, go to a safe place in your mind, go to your center, breathe.
  • When you relax your mind and body there is a sense of calm and you can gain access to insights and feelings.
  • Understand the unresolved past feeling and release the feeling caused by event in a forgiving manner and create a new loving feeling.

Lavender Oil And Relaxation Script, Your Keys To Success

Placing a few drops of lavender oil behind your ears each morning, or carry your lavender oil in a pouch along with a cloth and add a few drops to a cloth and breath in the scent through out the day. This is a relaxation script I follow each morning is to maintain a sense of calm through day and regain control over my life. Finding that center of calm and serenity within us is what we talk about in the neo cognitive as our self.  This relaxation process will further our goals of letting go of reactivity and focus on self to listen to our needs and feelings.

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

To find that center of calm and develop a greater sense of stability we can decrease our stress and facilitate the letting go of negative reactions. We can enchance our sense of well being and simutaneously program ourselves toward our personal goals. We create a new tape we play in our heads using self affirmations. This process works because we are in a deeper relaxed state that is an intentional level so when we say these affirmations they are implanted more effectively than in a waking state.

This script takes about 15 minutes and can be done anywhere. It a an effective method that gives us a deep resting state to get us in touch with our needs and feelings. It best to done in a quiet place with out daily demands, such answering phones, meeting childen’s needs ect. this is your time.  Place a few drops of lavender oil behind your ear or in a cloth and breathe, enjoy and relax with sweet scent of lavender oil.  This will set the stage and enhance the breathing and relaxation techniques that will be used.

Find a comfortable sitting position, feet on the floor, hands on lap, spine straight with head straight to ensure energy flow. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through nose or mouth. Breathe from the stomach fill the belly, lungs and raise shoulders.

Before beginning decide on your special place where you feel calm and comfortable. This can be imaginary or real. See a picture of yourself in the surrounderings. Described the scese in detail, such as on a beach, warm breeze, sand is white and soft, laying on a red soft beach towel, dolfins singing, whales blowing water, sunrise with all the color of a rainbow stretched  a crossed blue sky, ocean waves gently coming to shore, warm breeze, green trees, no people, nice and quiet.

Plan your goals and affirmations for your script ahead of time. Goals should be framed in the positive.  I will adhere to my diet,or exercise plan or PTSD plan and naturally let go of stress or negative feelings as they arise. It is suggested to limit the number of goals to three, one for exercise, one life management dealing anger, one for affirmations and to easily and naturally let go of old reactions as they come up and continue to live more fully from listening to that deeper part.  A good idea is to use lavender oil in this stage.  One of the best lavender oil at a good price is found at plant


Five Steps

  • Take a deep breath feel the air flow in and out a sense of deep relaxation is coming over you. Air flowing all the way down to your toes and back out again.  Feeling more and more relaxed with every breath you take. Enjoy this relaxed state. Your eyes are feeling tired and you may wish to close them.
  • Imagine a golden light shinning down on you, bask in the warm glow of this light, feel it touch every surface of your body, penetrating your muscles and helping you to relax. Enjoy this relaxed feeling.
  • Imagine yourself at the top of a stair case, stepping down with the right foot and next with the left and continue feeling more and more relaxed with each step you take, until you reach the landing and feel a profound sense of relaxation.
  • Imagine your special place where you feel most calm and relaxed. Now is the time to reflect on goals you have set for your self.   Take for a few minutes and reflect on your goals.  To be reminded of your goals and ability to relax and feel this relaxed feeling all you need to do is place your thumb and forefinger together.
  • You will awaken feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to go about your business for the day.

Conquer PTSD, Strategies To Cope

Ten ways to improve your life.

  • Self -Values Helps stay centered and have a sense of self. Write your values on a piece of paper so you have a clear idea of what they are.
  • Boundaries and setting limits this is the ability to say no. This can be done in a respectful and kind manner, using I statements, such as I feel, I think. This I statement is empowering and asserting ourselves to take responsibility for our feeling and needs. It prevent scapegoating.
  • Self Affirmations Example I am strong I am resourceful. It helps to write them down.
  • Journaling is a great tool it is a safe way to process your feeling and daily events and helps process your thoughts.
  • Goal setting keeps you focused and moving forward.
  • Exercise is a good stress relieving.
  • Hobbies and interests learning a new hobby keeps you challenged and motivated and your mind active.
  • Trust your instincts, trust yourself place your cares with your higher power there is a sense of calm.
  • Self care, be kind and gentle to yourself, do something special for yourself.
  • Self respect treat your self with respect and importance and others in the same way.
  • Be honest with your self be true and you’ll never have to many problems.
Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Reclaim Your Life, Expect The Best

They say touch times never last but tough peope do. Any time you are not feeling that positive neutral self that is your signal to focus your attention on your center and release the feeling.

The goal of this process is to feel good more often and most of the time. Each time you release an old unresolved PTSD feeling they no longer stay with us and we react less strongly and see the truth. I don’t know everything , this is what I learned to over come the affects of PTSD and is my way to make a difference in people’s lives around the world who have had trauma.

My hope is that you take reigns and use lavender oil and these relaxation techniques so you can live a healthy and happy life and really thrive !!!  One of the best lavender oil to buy at a good price is at

All the Best,


Lavendera Essential Oil at Plant Therapy! Shop Now!


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