Healing oils in time of coronavirus

Daily lavender oil solutions
Daily lavender oil solutions
Daily lavender oil solutions

Healing oils in time of coronavirus

With a virus raging amongst the world
and most of us confined at home,
Online shopping is at its peak

We are rediscovering family
Cooking, simple leisures
And healing recipes of old

Many are less lucky
Contaminated and ill
And several will die

Let us remember
we are responsible
Where we stand

Wash your hands
Keep distance
Call your doctor when ill

Remember the fragility of our existence
Be kind and compassionate around you
Take care of you and others

Time also to rediscover healing oils
Let me sum up some of them 
with affiliate links

Remember this is not a medical advice
Consult your doctor when ill or in doubt

Below are some ideas
for people who are home bound
looking for holistic options

Shopping Topics

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  • Tips for getting a restful night sleep 
  • Using tea tree oil to make your own disinfectant spray. 
  • Traditional headache medicine

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Lavender gifts

Lavender gifts
Lavender gifts
The fragrance of sun

Lavender gifts

Lavender, a gift for all seasons!
The fragrance of the sun in oil and seeds

So much can be done with lavender
From soap to herbal tea!

Some gift ideas for the season:
For all events

Some natural Lavender Essential Oil
and blanket sheets from Lavender Fields.

For those who love fragrance:
Vida Essential Oil Diffusers
USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils
Vida Essential oils
and more Essential Oil Blends

A special lavender soap from Dr. Bronner

100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

How to plant lavender

How to plant lavender

How to plant lavender
How to plant lavender

How to plant Lavender

According to David Salaman, founder and chief horticulturist at High Country Gardens, lavenders are some of America’s best herbal shrubs for the Waterwise garden.

They provide us with beautiful spring and summer flowers, are excellent for attracting pollinators, and provide us with the wonderful, relaxing aroma of their flowers and foliage.

The main types of lavenders are the Spanish lavender, the English lavender, and the French hybrid lavender. They all have a place in the garden.

Spanish lavenders are best for mild winter climates. They’re hardy to roughly zone 7, mostly zone 8 and warmer.

French hybrid lavenders are hardy down to zone 6.

The most cold-hardy are the English lavenders and, the most widely-planted across the country.

How to plant lavender?

Remove the lavender plants from their shipping pots. Start with loosening the root ball from the sides of the pots by just gently squeezing the sides. You can push up from the bottom. Don’t grab them by the hair and pull them out of the pot because that can cause some damage. Instead, gently put your fingers across the top of the soil, turn the pot upside down, and gently lift the pot off. Sometimes you have to push down on the bottom a little bit.

Loosen it a little more and gently lift the pot off of the root ball. Now, to prepare the roots for planting, it’s very important to scratch them out, physically cutting through the roots. Where you cut a root, where there’s one cut, you’ll get two or three new roots so it’s a very beneficial thing to do so don’t be afraid. You can use the corner of a tag or a pocket knife and you want to make a series of vertical, quarter inch deep cuts on the sides of the pots, particularly the corners. Run it right down the corner. Cut those roots. Come to the bottom, you can see a nice mat of roots on the bottom so you want to do a crosshatch because if you don’t do this, the roots are going to hold the shape of the pot and the plant really won’t grow out into the surrounding soil and will tend to be stunted. Now just gently, with your fingertips, rough out the sides of the root ball so it has a fuzzy look.

It’s ready to plant in a previously prepared hole with the equivalent soil amendments. Place the plant down in the hole. In the Western United States or arid climates, plant slightly deeper than the surrounding soil. In moister climates east of the Mississippi, you want to plant level with the surrounding soil. Gently fill in with the amended backfill. With the tips of your fingers or your trowel, just gently firm the soil into place with the additional soil. Make a well, or a saucer, around the plant to hold the irrigation water. Proper watering and irrigation after transplanting is just essential to overall transplanting success. So here we have a nice saucer that will hold a decent amount of water.

The tag is not only good for scratching out the roots but it will identify the plants that you’re putting into the garden so include those in the hole. Just stick it into the side.

Remember this:

The French hybrid lavenders are summer bloomers. The more cold hardy English lavenders, are generally late-spring and early-summer blooming. So by planting both English lavenders and the French hybrids, you can have 8 to 10 weeks of blooming lavender plants out in your garden. Utilize them both.

If you’re in a milder climate, the Spanish lavenders bloom very early and, generally, you won’t use them in most places where you plant the English and French hybrid varieties. In terms of plant care on your lavenders, water regularly. A good, deep soaking. Fill the little saucer, or well, twice every time you water and do this one to three times a week depending on the daytime highs.

Lavender is very sensitive to not enough water so you want to be sure that you soak them thoroughly when you do water and do this right through the first growing season. You can plant lavenders in spring and fall but in zone 5 climates, I generally recommend sticking to a spring schedule for your lavender plantings and when pruning, do not fall prune. You want to let the lavender stand over the winter and then come back in mid-spring. You wait until they start to wake up a little and you see a little bit of green along the stem and then you do your mid-spring pruning. You can deadhead the plants during the summer growing season and that’s desirable but, again, do not prune hard in the fall because that will weaken the lavender plants and might prevent them from coming through the winter in good shape.

The biggest mistake in planting lavenders is basically not watering them enough. So water thoroughly and watch the color of the plants. If they get a little pale and yellow, you may be watering a little too much but, in general, when the weather is hot, they’re a thirsty plant that first growing season.


Source: This text is a transcript of a beautiful video on how to plant lavender. It provides you at the same time with a great provider of English and French lavender plants.


Some useful links to start with

New to gardening start here  https://www.highcountrygardens.com/gardening

How to attract bees in your garden https://www.highcountrygardens.com/gardening/bees-in-the-garden-our-most-important-pollinators/


Planting guides

View or Download the Planting Guide for Perennials & Bulbs (pdf) 

Planting Guides: Soil Preparation

I hope you enjoyed this transcript.

Let me know your favorite lavender plants, how to plant them and also where you find them. Thank you!


Stress massage techniques

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Vitamin C Serum

Or how too give a soothing massage…

Massage relieves stress. Massage relieves tension.
Given with the right massage oils people get renewed energy.

Some clues for a relaxing massage

1. The first clue is the massage oil. Some will use a Carrier Oil with some lavender or pine. There are as many possibilities as Essential Oil Blends. Follow your nose. Make it yours. And remember, every skin is different and reacts differently. What goes fo one does not go for another. Seek your fragrance, and yes, it has not to be lavender. Although it has a very relaxing and soothing effect

2. The second clue is a peaceful environment. Create the right atmosphere and ambiance. Some need the privacy of closed curtains and candle light. Others will prefer lovely background music.

3. The third clue is a relaxing place like the ground or a massaging bed. Make it comfortable for both. Some need support in their neck, hips or knees.

4. The fourth clue is respect. People have to undress. Best is to ask them to lie down in their underwear. Make sure to keep them warm with an extra blanket.

5. The fifth clue is the direction of your massage. Best is to work from right to left, which means working from the right. Know that some will prefer clockwise. That means sitting on the left. And some will like an alternate. Respect your own comfortzone. Massage is relaxing, not stressing.

6. The sixth clue are your hands. Make sure they are not cold, nor wet.

7. The seventh clue is the massage. Always work towards the heart with smooth and gentle pressure. Work inwards, then outwards. Listen to the signals of the muscles and the body.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Massage of the legs

Best is to start with the right leg and to knead the leg from bottom to top and to slide down again. Once done, proceed with the left leg.

Massage of the back

Once done with the legs, work on the back. Place yourself at the head facing the legs. Use your flat hands to smoothly slide from head to bottom. Keep each hand close to the spine. Slide over the edge of the bottom to the side. Move on the sides upwards just underneath the scapulas. Then slide back and come back up to the beginning of the shoulders.

Move over to one side and use your left hand to make a full circle on their back. With your right hand, make a half circle beginning away from your left goin right. Go slowly, smoothly and sensitively. Start at the bottom of the back, move up to the shoulders and slide down the back.

Massage of the arms

Follow the same procedure as the legs.

Massage of the front.

Once the person lies down on their back. Follow the steps taken to massage the legs. Then massage the arms. Always work in the same order.

Massage of the face

Stand behind the head of the person. Rub your hands to warm them up. Place them a palm above the eyes of the person for a minute . Never touch or cover the eyes. Move your thumbs from between the eyebrows to the hair basis, back to the basis of the ear, the basis of the nose, the cheeks, the upper and lower lip. And in a circular movement back to the basis of the hair.

8. The secret of a soothing massage lays in the pressure of your hands. Be ready to respond to the signals of the massaged person, so they get the best out of what you are giving them. Be not afraid to communicate about it. In a gentle, relaxed way.

9. End the massage in a relaxed way too. Give the person time and privacy to dress up in peace.

10. Wash your hands before treating another person.



1. Another way to relax is to find something creative, like photography

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2. Pain can be a source of stress. A cushion Can help . Make sure to be seated well.

3. Food improves your well being. Make sure to eat right!

Thank you for reading.
Kindly visit my links or leave me a comment.



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Natural perfume brands

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Daily lavender oil solutions
Daily lavender oil solutions

Natural perfume brands

Natural perfumes
made with natural extracts from
Plants, trees, leaves, flowers

Natural extracts
turned into essential oils
creating wonderful scents

Feel happy, relaxed
calm, confident

Natural perfumes
combined with your body chemistry
soon become your style.

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Advantages of natural perfumes.

They do not contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients when made with natural essential oils.

Each essential oil has a special affect on the body.

For example, Lavender is a natural stress reducer and has a calming affect. Wear lavender and you will feel less stressed and anxious when you go out. It will affect the company you are in and soothe the air.

Natural perfumes have a long shelf life without harmful chemicals to preserve them. There are many essential oils, all with specific use and properties.

Each essential oil has several ways to help the body.

For example, Lavender helps the skin recover from burns.

Where can you find those natural perfumes?

You can purchase natural perfumes online or at a health food store.

You will find reference to several stores and brands here, on dailylavendersolutions.com. Check them and be surprised.

Know also that large chain stores may offer natural perfumes made with synthetic ingredients to meet the supply and demand.
They do not have the same effect.

We focus on lavender for now,
since it is such a sweet all in one natural oil
And point at some others as well

More skin care?

Vitamin C Serum