About Fragrance

About Fragrance

Melissa has told our story so well.
Not much I can add to that.

Together we are trying
to make this site work
Since Cathy asked me to

What can I tell about me?

Knowledge starts with self
And as long as we do not aknowledge that
We live in illusion

My favorite garden is a wild garden
Like The garden of Beatrice Potter
Where nature is guided in its originality

And one of my favorite herbs is lavender
Its fragrance known all over the world
Soothing, apeasing, healing…

It does not take much
To be happy
To feel happy

Since happiness is ours
No matter what happens

All the best,


Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Daily Lavender oil solutions
Simply the best!


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Let us go for small changes
In our homes, gardens and kitchens